Auction buyer agent, helps you to buy investment, property or buy your next home.

There is no conflict of interest when you use a and auction buyer agent. Darren McCoy is our buyer advocate, who will represent you at Auction, and negotiate on your behalf. Of course, there is a due diligence process involved in any property purchase, so speak to Darren in Melbourne for help on 0412 308 708

Did you know that the auction is the second largest spectator sport in Melbourne! The selling agent loves this! He or she gets to promote their services in front of a captive audience.

Remember the selling agent is intending on getting the best price possible for the seller. The pressure that builds in the moment when the auctioneer is pressuring to close the auction and usually forces people above their range or budget.

Success at AuctionI contacted Darren on a Saturday afternoon to engage his services after discovering I could no longer wait to purchase a property I had discovered 3 weeks earlier which was scheduled to go to auction the following weekend. I was not prepared to wait a week to go to auction so Darren set out to secure the property on my behalf and act as my Buyers Advocate. After many text messages, telephone calls and a few meetings, including a private auction, I was successful in acquiring the house 3 days before auction. Darren was calm, persistent and understood the many processes and had the skills to ensure I had every opportunity to purchase the property. I would highly recommend Darren as a buyers advocate.
Adele, Melbourne.

We always hear stories of $40k over reserve price or similar. A buyer agent will always stop before the budget cap, keep a level head, and pull out of the deal before it goes over budget. A buyer agent also knows the dynamics of what is happening between the agent and the seller, especially if you have efficient pre-auction discussions, and research on price.

I hope to buy a house at auction and a selling agent has offered to bid for me, free. Is that wise, or should I pay a buyer’s agent to do it instead?

  • This is a no-brainer. Go with the buyer’s agent. Here’s why. Even with the fee (about $600 and often double that if you are the buyer), the buyer’s agent is practised at being the successful bidder for the least amount of money. The selling agent is not. Lucy Qanda –

Talk to our auction buyer agent Darren McCoy and negotiate a fixed price per auction, call 0412 308 708.

The weekend in Victoria just passed, the stats look like this: (Source:REIV)

  • 80% Clearance rate
  • 1,258 Auctions in total
  • 831 Sold at auction
  • 179 Sold prior to auction
  • 246 Passed in


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