Are you the same as other buyer advocates in Melbourne?

Yes – we all offer fundamentally the same service. There is a difference though, it is his or her personality.

The ability to talk to a variety of selling real estate agents in a most efficient way, as well as suppliers, valuers , conveyencers, inspectors, and financiers.

Key skills such as deal making and research, access to historical and current data, and off market listings is important, but being able to see the gold among the dirt is where the true value lies.

Are you the same as a real estate agent?

No – while the listing agent responsibility is to get the vendor the best possible price, an advocate responsibility is to get the best price, fair price and define the market value.

Remember the buyer is the market, and the buyer defines what the market is willing to pay – not always aligned with the vendor expectations.

How do you charge your client?

We charge a percentage of the price on the contract. The most efficient way to determine the fee is to agree on it before we start, usually the mid range of the client budget. It’s 1.1% and it is negotiable. We do charge a fee to get started, usually $1000, that’s offset against the total fee. The final payment is due when the property contract goes unconditional.

Will you do just Auction bidding for me?

Of course! – The thought of bidding at auction and competing with everyone is terrifying! We like to talk to the agents before hand as much as possible to determine whether the property can be taken off the market efficiently first. The selling agents will have a very different conversation with a buyer agent than they will with the general public. Let us know early if you need help at auction.

Do you offer any free advice?

Of course – running a business, we must eventually make money to support our families, but we are happy to meet up and talk about the market, show you some listings, even do some prep work for you! Every week we have agents sending us off market listings, looking to save on marketing costs. These opportunities are the gold in the dirt. The vendor is a lot more flexible when they are saving money on advertising the property. Advertising a premium property online can cost over 10k or even 20k – its a saving they are quite happy to pass on top the buyer.

Just give us a call or fill in the form below.

Can I cancel our agreement if I decide not to buy?

Yes – If there are circumstances that come up, we can work through them. It’s your money after all.

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