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Social themes in real estate marketing

To establish the emerging social themes in real estate marketing, I popped off to NYC in January 2016 to attend the Inman Connect Conference at The Marriott on Broadway. This is my 6th Inman Connect over 5 years, and there are plenty of Aussies here. NY is snowed in! What a fantastic feeling, the roads are closed, and Facebook is going off. New Yorkers are so polite, they step aside so as other people don’t step in puddles, slip over or what ever, it’s awesome.

The social themes running in the USA are very relevant to Australia and Asia at present, and this article explores how they are connected to real estate marketing.

As expected, the forerunner in tech in real estate is ‘Virtual Reality’ (VR). No surprises here for me. Its all I want to do so far is conquer the virtual reality space in real estate. It’s the only area in my life I am patient with, because I know from my experience with Augmented Reality that it is still too early for the rest of society. But, there is a wave starting, and it goes in the form of #Matterport or #Open2View extra walk through photography real estate marketing services. Even REA is supporting the VR scene to date in their listing pages.

Coming in a very close second, and a culture that has developed across the world is ‘On-Demand’. For those with Netflix, Stan or whatever provider for a small monthly fee can watch most anything you want. Public TV is a thing of the past in my family. On demand tells me that open for inspection cultures will have to change, and they are. The average property buyer wantsd to see inside a property exclusively, first, and wants to get in there now. How is that possible on demand? Through VR and likely trhis is where the Uber theory will kick into the industry.

Last and certainly likely the most alarming of all the social shifts is ‘Bingeing‘. Not as if this was not already a embedded part of our society, purging addictions, and the like, now Netflix has cemented this culture, I myself last night watching all 12 episodes of House of Lies. It becomes so easy to watch what you want when you want = on demand.

These themes in real estate are consistent with those of general society. I would like to see the integration of VR, on demand and binge watching, can you sit at home and walk through 12 properties on a Saturday from the couch with the family yet?

My Prediction is 5 years away. If you would like to comment on this topic, feel free to connect with me on social media, or call direct.