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St Kilda property and social culture

St Kilda Community.

This article talks about community things related to St Kilda property in Melbourne, Australia.

The 2016 St Kilda festival went ahead as planned. The Port Phillip council approves the funding for another few years. The set up was incredible. You could walk around and see about 10 bands playing, plenty of things to do food to eat, rides to go on- 100% entertainment value. The St Kilda festival team did an amazing job!  The attendance numbers stack up at around 440K. We are still waiting for the economic impacts to be analysed. This may or may not impact on the St Kilda property market.

Glass on the Beach.

A lot of people in St Kilda are concerned about glass on the beach. Let me say this is not so much from irresponsible peeps leaving litter on the beach, it is from street litter. The glass gets dropped in the gutter, smashed by a car, rolled into the drain, and swept in the the ocean, then up on the beach. It is not just about St Kilda, it is about all beaches. If you want to cause a change, just pick up an empty bottle from the sidewalk, and put it in the bin.

Acland Street Issue.

The debate still runs hot on the Acland street upgrade. I believe they should not have trams on Acland street, but should stop them at stop 138 Luna Park. There is plenty of room there, get it right @ PT. It may be too late unless someone is willing to chain themselves to a bulldozer. Stranger things have been done, maybe the Steve Irwin can become involved.

St Kilda Property trends over the last few months.

The stats are pretty boring as most stats are. The average days on market was 49 days, this means it takes a little longer than the 4 weeks recommendation by your real estate agent to sell. Unless of course you goto auction, which will deliver a quicker result, likely at a more competitive price. Have a look through this st kilda property video on facebook, at the trends.

 St Kilda Property 49 Days on Market Avaerage

Photos and Opinions by Darren McCoy.
Property Stats by RP Data.
Festival Stats by Port Phillip Council.